Your Back Pain Specialists Want You to Know These Interesting Facts

The question that has plagued mankind for centuries is why low back pain is so common. It could be we don’t get enough exercise or we demand way too much of our backs. Your back pain specialists want you to know these interesting facts:

  • The prevalence of back pain is so common that 80 percent of you will suffer back pain that requires some sort of treatment.
  • Once you have suffered back pain, the likelihood of recurrence is rather high.
  • In people under the age of 45, back pain is the most common cause of activity limitations.
  • Back pain is the 5th ranked reason for hospital visits.
  • Back pain is the 3rd most common cause for surgical procedures.
  • About 2 percent of our workforce receives compensation for back injuries every year.

One of the reasons we suffer frequent and widespread back pain has to do with the biomechanics of the biped. Our vertically loaded spine carries more weight in the low back compared to our four-legged friends. We tend to overload our backs with much more frequency simply because we can. We often use our arms to carry items that weigh too much for our backs to safely handle. In addition, we often lift and carry things using poor techniques.

As you know, many Americans are packing on a few too many pounds, and this has a negative effect on our backs. Genes also can play a role in back pain, as can race and sex. Even smoking increases the chances of suffering sciatica, which causes back pain.

Regardless of the reason for your back pain, you simply want relief. If you are tired of suffering back pain, schedule an appointment today.