Finding a Good Chiropractor in Concord is Key When You Want to Treat Your Back Pain

Finding a good chiropractor in Concord is key when you want to treat your back pain. It is also important for those who want to take a proactive approach to their healthcare. Can you think of any other profession that can treat so many conditions? Just take a look at some of the therapeutic benefits chiropractic care offers.

The European Spine Journal just recently published findings from a study that uncovered how chiropractic treatments resulted in a success rate of over 70 percent for sciatica sufferers. This compares to a 20 percent success rate with physical therapy and a 50 percent success rate with corticosteroid injections.

Second only to back pain, headaches are high on the list of common conditions that are regularly treated with chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractors across the globe are responsible for easing the burdens of migraines and headaches with a high success rate.

There is a good reason why top athletes like Michael Phelps are under regular care from a chiropractor. In fact, over half the teams in the NFL staff a team chiropractor. One of the most overlooked benefits a chiropractor offer is how it enhances an athlete's performance. Studies, time and time again, have concluded that chiropractic treatments reduce inflammation, boosts immune systems decreases stress and relieves muscle tension. In addition, athletes who regularly visit their chiropractors say they experience an overall increased bodily function.

As we roll into the future, more and more studies are proving the benefits of chiropractic care is far reaching. From colic and ear infections to neurological conditions, research continues to reveal the remarkable abilities chiropractic care holds.