What to Expect on Your First Chiropractic Visit

Good chiropractors in Concord will do everything in their power to help relieve your pain as quickly as possibleĀ and with as few treatments as necessary. But before we begin to treat your back pain or neck pain, we will sit you down and consult with you about a few important things. We will want to know about your medical history, current conditions in which you suffer and other events in your life, like injuries or accidents, that may have caused your body trauma. You will then undergo a basic exam, x-rays will be taken, and then we will set a course of treatment.

Your first chiropractic exam will include general tests such as blood pressure, respiration and pulse reading as well as reflex tests. We will also test the range of motion of the affected part. Further tests may be necessary to properly assess the affected area or part.

Even though a certain percentage of the population will experience immediate relief from their symptoms, it is important you remember that chiropractic care is not a miracle cure, but rather a process of letting your body heal. And even thought the majority of patients feel great after their treatment, a few people will experience slight to moderate pain after an adjustment. Keep in mind that your muscles have been used to being in one position for a long time and being forced into their correct position can cause soreness.

Remember, new things can sometimes be scary, but you can have confidence that we will relieve the pain you are suffering. Welcome to the path that will lead to a healthier, pain-free life.