June 28, 2018

Patient Testimonial from Doug G.

In mid-February 2015 I began my chiropractic care treatments to address long-standing neck and lower back pain.

During the past 3 months, I have received outstanding care and treatments from Martin Family Chiropractic Center.

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Patient Testimonial From Tricia D.

Chiropractic care saved my life! I had a car accident in 1993 where I was stopped and got rear-ended by a car traveling 65 miles per hour!

went a chiropractor who found more features than the ER did. I was told I had the spine of a 70 year old. Apparently, the body is not age specific. View full article →
June 26, 2018

Patient Testimonial From Jim N.

I started at Martin Chiropractic due to stiffness and pain to my neck and shoulder. It was determined that I had arthritis and a pinched nerve which was causing my problems. View full article →

Patient Testimonial from Dorothy H.

A few months ago I thought my activities were over, and I had always been active at my age, 86. I had so much discomfort; I had to do something. Thanks to Dr. Kern I have made a complete turn-around, back to things I need and want to do!* View full article →
February 25, 2016

Back Pain ›  

Patient Testimonial from Keith

The main reason I am doing the Martin Family Chiropractic is from a bad injury when my spine slipped right out of place. Painful!!! After about 2 weeks of pain, I went in search of a chiropractor and found the Martin Chiropractic Center and have been going ever since.*

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February 25, 2016

Allergies ›  

Patient Testimonial from Layla and Gibson

We didn't like sneezing, we didn't like coughing, we didn't like ear infections. We really didn't like taking or allergy medication everyday and our antibiotics every month! Dr. Karen said that chiropractic could change all of that!*

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February 25, 2016

Chicken Pox ›   Subluxation ›  

Testimonial from Dr. Kern

At one and a half, their son contracted the chicken pox virus, and since then the child was never vaccinated, they were extremely concerned. As the infant's temperature began to rise, James had the child adjusted, in hopes of removing any nerve interference, so that the body could heal itself. Their son’s temperature alarmingly continued to climb… 100, 101, 102… Until it finally reached 105!!! It is important to note that brain damage or death typically occurs at 106.*

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Testimonial from Michelle

I am a 31-year-old mom of two and a passionate behavioral therapist to young children diagnosed on the autism spectrum. In 2001, I was involved in a five-car accident. My car was totaled. As a result of that accident I experienced severe neck, back, and knee pain which prevented me from being active like I used to. Physical therapy and steroid injections gave me little relief.*

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Patient Testimonial from Nicole

In 2005, I was in a car accident that left me with constant headaches, neck, and back pain. I often carried around a bottle of Excedrin to attempt to soothe my back spasms and headaches. I would visit my physician and she would suggest stretching, ice/heat, and taking an anti-inflammatory. The pain increased when I returned to work. As part of my settlement in 2006, I was able to receive chiropractic care. Unfortunately, the chiropractor I saw at that time suggested the same remedies as my physician and I never obtained a permanent solution.*

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Patient Testimonial Lynne

The combined stress of my husband's deployment and subsequent injury in Afghanistan, women's health issues, and daily life caused me to suffer from a stiff neck, sore shoulders, and constant headaches. I could not move without difficulty and pain. My suffering affected my emotional well-being too. I was either easily agitated or depressed.*


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