Patient Testimonial from Renee

I received Chiropractic care sporadically. Just the number of visits my health insurance would pay for or that my auto insurance said were "reasonable" after my accidents. I received patch-care but I still suffered from a number of symptoms and my body was NOT functioning at its highest potential.*

Weekly, Debilitating Migraines... When I felt the onset of a migraine, I would prepare snacks, toys, and movies for my two and four-year-old. I would lock the door to our apartment, close the curtains, put in ear plugs, take a combination of pain pills, and stay in bed for hours.

My children knew that when I had a headache they had to leave me alone... They were essentially fending for themselves. That is NO life for children... but it was normal for mine, at least once a week. 

After several months of Corrective Care, I have noticed the frequency and intensity of my migraines are steadily decreasing. I am going to be a Wellness patient for life because I never want pain to deprive my family of time together... The time I used to spend suffering, I now spend playing with my kids.*

Before and after Corrective Care at Martin Family Chiropractic...


  • Rotary Scoliosis
  • Reversed Neck Curve
  • Irregular Menstrual Cycles
  • Daily Headaches
  • Almost Non-existent Aches and Pains
  • Restored Neck Curve (Finally, recovered from car accidents!)
  • 28 Day Cycle with Lighter, More Comfortable Periods
  • Decreased Frequency/ Intensity (No more pain pills!)

*Testimonial Disclaimer