Patient Testimonial from Dayna

Chiropractic and I met by accident, but not the type of accident you may think. I wasn't in a car, I didn't slip and fall. We met in the form of a posting on craigslist as I was looking for employment. Little did I know that the small ad would lead to a huge life change.*

I have always thought of myself as a happy, healthy, normal person, but looking back on where I was only a year ago nothing was further from the truth. I used to love to be active and social, going dirt bike riding, camping, working out; but something had changed over time. I was tired to the point of wanting to sleep every day away, experiencing anxiety, and suffering from almost daily headaches. I was always on edge and stressed out; being negative was becoming second nature, and I was always lashing out at those closest to me. Who I had become had no resemblance to the person I used to or wanted to be.

Dayna's Review of Martin Family Chiropractic

I always thought that chiropractors made your back stop hurting if you lifted something too heavy or were in a car accident. I didn't have anything wrong with my back (or so I thought) so what was the point of seeing a chiropractor? Seeing my x-rays, I was shocked. Hearing from Dr. Caitlin that the amount of decay in my spine is usually seen in someone much older brought tears to my eyes. It made me think, what would have happened if I was not lucky enough to be able to stop the problem before it got worse? Where would I be in ten, twenty, thirty years if I was already this bad?*

I started my treatment that very day. Over the next six months, I had a ton of questions, especially since I had no experience with chiropractic. The doctors were amazing; especially when it came to patiently answering all of my questions and addressing any concerns.*

The time has flown by, and I cannot believe the place that I am in today versus where I was last year. The headaches are gone, the anxiety is non-existent. That unhappy, stressed out person has disappeared and in her place is a woman who is excited about her future. Did chiropractic change my life? Absolutely! And it was all by "accident".*

*Testimonial Disclaimer