Testimonial from Kim

I walked into Martin Family Chiropractic looking for a massage to work out the knots in my shoulder, thinking that the pain in my upper arm would leave if I did that. After a full exam, Dr. Kern found a pinched nerve, and told me that if the cause of my shoulder pain was due to that nerve, being under Chiropractic care with him could heal my arm!*

As Dr. Kern began to work on my spine, I was pleasantly surprised to find that soon all the aches and pains I had been suffering were relieved! It wasn't quick or easy, but it was worth it! In about six weeks the pain in my shoulder was completely gone. I learned what Chiropractic care is all about! The nervous system affects ALL parts of our body!*

Kim B.'s Testimonial

Soon, my entire spine will be aligned and all without medicine or surgery! It all makes sense now that I've teamed up with Martin Family Chiropractic to take care of my health and that is why I plan to be a wellness patient for life!*

*Testimonial Disclaimer