Patient Testimonial from Lanny and Heidi

Words fail me to describe how pleased I am at the results of my experience with Martin Family Chiropractic. Less than a year ago, I suffered from neck pain and lower back pain so excruciating that I needed a cane and an untold amount of Vicodin just to make it through the day. Further, there were days I couldn't even handle the pain driving to the chiropractic office.*

Injections of pain blockers by a medical doctor and staff often became necessary when all else failed. That was then...

Now, my neck and back pain are only uncomfortable memories. As an added bonus, I was cured of a balance problem referred to as vertigo wherein I could not walk a straight line or navigate even a straight line down the hall without bumping into the walls. Falling down and hurting myself seemed to be a normal occurrence. No More!*

*Testimonial Disclaimer