Patient Testimonial from Lorrie

I had back pain for years... I went to my medical doctor and was told that my back was so bad that it looked as though I had been in a serious accident, even though I hadn't. They basically told me that I had degenerative disc disease and that if I ever lost control of my bladder or my legs to go to the emergency room. Then I was sent on my way, but of course not without plenty of prescription drugs.

I was at a loss, nothing seemed to help. I tried physical therapy and acupuncture with NO improvement. That is when I met Martin Family Chiropractic at the Jazz, Food, and Wine Festival. I had an instant connection with the doctors and made an appointment.*

Since I have been under care at Martin Family Chiropractic, I have noticed fantastic improvement in not only the back pain, but also my understanding of how my body works and my limitations. The doctor took her time during the initial exam and educated me on my x-rays when they were ready to view. Something that was never done with my medical doctor.*

I am stronger, I sleep better, and I am able to chase my grandkids around without fear of further hurting myself. I also love to garden and travel without pain!

I want to share my experiences and let others know that if you are considering chiropractic care, THIS is the place to call first! Just be willing to go along with the journey because you will enjoy your life more!*

*Testimonial Disclaimer