Patient Testimonial Lynne

The combined stress of my husband's deployment and subsequent injury in Afghanistan, women's health issues, and daily life caused me to suffer from a stiff neck, sore shoulders, and constant headaches. I could not move without difficulty and pain. My suffering affected my emotional well-being too. I was either easily agitated or depressed.

I self-medicated with 1600mg od Ibuprofen every day as well as muscle relaxer (Flexeril) and anti-depressant (Pristiq). The Ibuprofen helped, but it did not alleviate my pain. The muscle relaxer made me feel "loopy" and then would make me sleep. The anti-depressant helped motivate me to tackle my day, but only on the days I didn't take a muscle relaxer.

I became overwhelmed with all that I needed to accomplish because things were neglected due to my sleep and/or pain. My life stressed, pain, and emotional well-being created a VICIOUS CAUSE AND EFFECT CYCLE; each one triggering a reaction from the other...

I was referred to Martin Family Chiropractic for sports physicals for my children by another team parent. Renee was able to fit us into Dr. Kern's schedule within our very short time frame. Upon meeting Renee and Dr. Kern, their friendly and courteous demeanor encouraged me to seek Dr. Kern's advice for my daily pain. His comforting words gave me HOPE!* 

After our private consultation, examination, and x-rays, Dr. Kern reported that I suffered from subluxations in all areas of my spine. All of my symptoms were signs that I had pinched nerves keeping my body from functioning the way it was supposed to.*

I have been a part of the Martin Family of patients for over one year. I have increased mobility in my neck and shoulders and I am pain free with No medication!!! My initial symptoms brought me to the office; however, I realized another positive benefit: the duration and severity of my seasonal allergy symptoms decreased!*

My experience has made me a life-long believer in the positive benefits of Chiropractic care. My husband and children are now patients at Martin Family Chiropractic too! I look forward to enjoying another season catching both of my children's soccer teams, leading a Cub scout den, and spending quality time with my family while Pain Free and functioning at my full potential!*

*Testimonial Disclaimer