Patient Testimonial from Nicole

In 2005, I was in a car accident that left me with constant headaches, neck, and back pain. I often carried around a bottle of Excedrin to attempt to soothe my back spasms and headaches. I would visit my physician and she would suggest stretching, ice/heat, and taking an anti-inflammatory. The pain increased when I returned to work. As part of my settlement in 2006, I was able to receive chiropractic care. Unfortunately, the chiropractor I saw at that time suggested the same remedies as my physician and I never obtained a permanent solution.*

As my daughter, Eliana, grew older I found it more difficult to carry her. My back would ache and I would have to tell her that I couldn't carry her anymore. Eliana loves to wrestle around like any other four year old, but I couldn't play with her. It would break my heart when I heard her say, "Momma can't carry me anymore because her back is broken. We don't wrestle because I don't want my momma to hurt."

My husband, Juan, was already a patient of Dr. Kern's. This year, I finally decided to come in and hear what he had to say. During my initial visits I immediately felt as though he and his loving staff truly wanted to help correct the problems I was having. When Dr. Kern showed me my x-rays, I was in shock. I knew the pain I was having was for a reason, but I was unaware of the severity.*

I am several months into my Corrective Care plan now and I rarely wake up with neck, back pain, or headaches. I no longer have the need to carry a bottle of Excedrin!*

Because of my great experience at Martin Family Chiropractic, we now bring our daughter Eliana in for adjustments. People often ask, "What's wrong with her? Why does she go to the chiropractor?" Our response is, "Nothing and we would like to keep it that way!" Eliana loves hearing the "popcorn" in her spine during her adjustments! I am now her "Human Jungle Gym" and am thankful each day I wake up pain free. Now I can look forward to a longer and healthier life with my family!*

*Testimonial Disclaimer