Patient Testimonial from Sarah and Emma

Working on an ambulance, the constant lifting and moving of patients tore my shoulder up. I had town my rotator cuff and frayed ligaments with the growing bone spurs in the joint. Not knowing any better, I followed my primary doctor's recommendations and allowed them to inject Cortisone shots into the joint several times. When those had no effect on the daily pain I was experiencing, they recommended surgery. I was pulled off the ambulance and forced to give up something I loved because of the pain.

I had the surgery and endured the long, painful "recovery" process. One year after the surgery, the pain had completely returned. My primary doctor then told me a second, more invasive surgery was needed. At that point, I still remembered the first surgery all too vividly. More surgery was not an option for me. I gave up on being able to return to the ambulance. I started to have daily headaches and mid back pain from the way I carried myself.

A couple years later, I was blessed to meet the doctors from Martin Family Chiropractic. After a thorough chiropractic exam and X-rays, I was amazed to see what my spine looked like! I found out that the years of pain I experienced could be attributed to several subluxations in my spine! One particular subluxation stood out in my low back and sacrum. I had not told Dr. Martin about experiencing the loss of a pregnancy the month prior to meeting him. When he pointed to the subluxations in my low back and sacrum and told me it was pinching the nerves going to my reproductive organs, possibly affecting my ability to get pregnant or carry a pregnancy... My mouth fell open and I began to cry!* 

After telling him about my previous loss, I began corrective care. My husband and I had decided to hold off on getting pregnant again for at least a year in order to let my body and our hearts heal. However "Someone" up above had a different plan. Within four months of beginning chiropractic care, I received a phone call after a routine yearly physical. The nurse on the other end of the phone told me I was pregnant. I saw Dr. Martin within minutes of that phone call and he was absolutely elated with my news. My husband finds it hilarious that Dr. Martin knew about our pregnancy before he found out!

My OB was always amazed when he would ask how I was doing, and my response was always "Fantastic!" He asked me one time what I was doing to help me cope with my ever changing body, and I told him regular chiropractic care! He actually asked if he could talk to me more about chiropractic and pregnancy, that way he could tell other patients.

With the fantastic Dr. Kern taking great care of me for the majority of my pregnancy, and the amazing Dr. Zimmer and Dr. Stephanie caring for me my last few months, my pregnancy flew past. I was even adjusted the day before I went into labor. After eleven hours of labor, I pushed only 6 times before I held my little Emma in my hands. She is an absolute miracle and I don't think I can ever thank Martin Family Chiropractic for what they have been able to do for me. She had her first adjustment at 5 days old and gets checked by Dr. Zimmer every week. At four months old, Emma sleeps through the night and is a great eater. After seeing Emma's gentle adjustments, my husband is now ready to start care!*

*Testimonial Disclaimer