Testimonial from Dr. Kern

At one and a half, their son contracted the chicken pox virus, and since then the child was never vaccinated, they were extremely concerned. As the infant's temperature began to rise, James had the child adjusted, in hopes of removing any nerve interference, so that the body could heal itself. Their son’s temperature alarmingly continued to climb… 100, 101, 102… Until it finally reached 105!!! It is important to note that brain damage or death typically occurs at 106.

The parents continue to have the child adjusted every hour, on the hour, and also continued to pray. They began to think that they might lose their son. They became so distraught with worry that Margaret suggested they take the baby to the emergency room.

James, however, had great faith in chiropractic and in the fact that the power that made the body will heal the body. At the hospital, even as their son, went into convulsions, James convince Margaret to stay the course... chiropractic and ice bath. Finally, after several hours, the fever broke! The child's temperature began to return to normal.*

Dr. Kern's chiropractic testimonial

The amazing thing is that the infant son never developed the “pox” marks or had any residual effects from the invasion of the virus. it was because with a SUBLAXATION FREE spine, the body was able to regulate and exact body temperature and kill the potential deadly virus!*

I know this story to be true, because it is my story of how my father, Dr. James Kern, D.C., saved my life by chiropractic. I firmly believe that my life was saved so that I could tell you how powerful and truly great chiropractic care can be for you, your family, and everyone you know!*

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