Patient Testimonial From Jim N.

I started at Martin Chiropractic due to stiffness and pain to my neck and shoulder. It was determined that I had arthritis and a pinched nerve which was causing my problems.

My physical activities were limited because of the pain. Home chores, driving, gym workouts, and golf were all painful from my shoulders down to my arms and hands. 

I have experienced considerable improvement in my flexibility since being under care of Martin Chiropractic. I'm still experiencing some neck and shoulder pain from time to time, but I have seen improvement to my flexibility and lessening of pain to my arms and hands.

Now I can return to my golfing and the physical activities I love! I truly appreciate the amazing care I have had here at Martin Chiropractic.

Although they have a very busy practice with many clients, they made me feel like I was the most important on their mind at the time. They sincerely care and go out of their way to see that I continue my journey of wellness.*

*Testimonial Disclaimer