The Process of Chiropractic Care

Dr. Curtis Martin, owner of Martin Family Chiropractic Center, explains why there are no "quick fixes" when it comes to chiropractic treatment.

Understanding the Process

A common concern people have about seeing a chiropractor is whether they’ll have to keep coming back for treatment for the rest of their lives. While this is an understandable concern, it overlooks the nature of spinal problems and subsequent care. Most spinal conditions develop over the course of several years, whether caused by an injury or repetitive stress. In the same way that conditions develop gradually, chiropractic treatment is a gradual process of undoing that long-term damage. In other words, there are no quick fixes.

Even after your spinal issue has been corrected, it’s a good idea to continue seeing your chiropractor for periodic preventative care. Take the example of auto repair: Even if your car gets fixed, if you continue to neglect maintenance as before, it’s just going to break down again. Chiropractic is the same: After your problem has been corrected, ongoing checkups and adjustments will help ensure it doesn’t return.

 Dr. Curtis Martin is a 20-year veteran of the chiropractic field and owner of Martin Family Chiropractic Center. He can be reached at (925) 681-0801.